Tips For Managing A Restaurant During COVID-19

Ser Seng Herbs (Turtle) Restaurant Editor

January 27, 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has wholly changed the restaurant landscape and challenged the entire hospitality industry. Restaurant owners must grapple with the ongoing situation and transform their business workings accordingly.

They must strategise and think of newer ways of running their restaurants, attracting new customers, retaining existing customers, and managing profitable restaurants. Business management plays a crucial role in dealing with the pandemic’s complicated situations.

This blog will highlight the key tips of restaurant business management during the CO-VID 19 pandemic and how restaurants can run a successful and profitable business even during the pandemic.

Communicate With Your Customers

Communicating with your customers is the foundation of successful restaurant management during the pandemic. Your restaurant operations must have gone through significant changes to adjust to the pandemic, ensuring the customers are aware of these changes.

  • Update your website to display new menus, so customers know what’s available.
  • Use social media channels for blasting any new updates and information related to your restaurant.
  • Restrauters can utilise their social media profiles to communicate with their customers the stringent safety and hygiene protocols their restaurants follow.
  • Post videos and photos of product orders adhering to the new norms.
  • Show your customers that your restaurant follows all the necessary health and safety standards and is an entirely safe place to visit.

This offers customers peace of mind, and they are likely to visit your restaurant more often.

Update Your Business Details

As per pandemic restrictions, your opening hours might have changed. It is essential to communicate these changes to your customers to avoid confusion. Ensure that your restaurant working hours and business location are constantly updated.

This keeps your customers informed correctly. Make sure to communicate with them if you have switched to only online ordering or takeaway services. You can opt for personalised email marketing campaigns for sharing these significant changes.

Prioritise Restaurant Premises Management

It is highly critical to maintain a clean and hygienic restaurant premise at all times, especially with the current pandemic. Make sure your restaurant is rigorously sanitised every couple of hours; peddle sanitisers (foot-operated) are installed at your restaurant entrance and for your staff. Physical distancing and markers must be neatly marked out to avoid crowding. Also, ensure that your entire staff, be it the chefs or service staff, are always wearing masks.

Prioritise Staff Health & Safety

Make masks, gloves and sanitisers the new mantra and habit of your restaurant workplace. This guarantees dual protection for both staff and employees. The entire team, be it premise workers, supply chain personnel, delivery boys, etc., must regularly undergo temperature checks.

Any employee who even remotely shows signs of sickness should not be allowed to work and sent home. They can continue working once they regain their health. Mental health is equally important as physical health. Restaurant owners must be empathetic towards their staff. They must motivate them and help them work and perform better.

Restaurateurs must stay connected with their employees with frequent checks for boosting employee productivity and morale.

Accept Secure Online Payments

Restraints should promote online payment over cash payments. Provide multiple online payment options for your customers, such as card payments or mobile wallets, that simplifies payment transactions. Try using a contactless card reader and ensure that a payment provider can complete payment transactions.

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