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About us

Moving into the 1960, Ser Seng progressed to a push cart with a fixed location. During the 80’s the Tai Seng district was undergoing a lot of development, with the attendant dust, pollution, noise and uncleanliness.

The perfectionist in Mr Tan was upset, he felt that the environment wasn’t very conducive to the quality he was trying to build. This prompted a move to the current famous air-conditioned shop in Tai Thong Crescent now where people can buy and eat Turtle soup with their family.

With the historic Ser Seng shingle once aged prominently displayed many old time customers from the early days managed to find their way back to their most favourite turtle soup.

Signature dishes

Our dishes remain to be one of the oldest and most famous recipes in town. The years of experience serving thousands of craving customers has enabled us to perfect its taste. Our locally-sourced ingredients and meticulously cooked traditional broths take long hours of preparation that keeps our customers, even from the early days, finding their way back to the most favoured and timeless soup shop. That is why we have people coming from Potong Pasir, Geylang Bahru and even Macpherson, visiting our restaurant in Tai Thong Crescent.

Turtle Soup

Our main dish and bestseller is the most authentic bowl of turtle soup that you will ever find in Singapore. Every bowl comes with a generous amount of protein-packed turtle meat, collagen filled turtle skin, flavourful turtle eggs, and meticulously cooked traditional broth. This healthy concoction is a great pairing for our yam rice and best consumed with a loved one — a true reminiscent of warm hugs in cold weather.

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Turtle Reproductive Organ

Are your stomachs up for a wild gastro adventure? Our Turtle Reproductive Organ isn’t for the faint of heart, but rather for the brave, young souls. We wouldn’t want to spoil you with whatever this dish tastes like but rather, it’s for you to find out.

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Pepper Tripe Soup

Our Pepper Tripe Soup greatly complements many of our main dishes. With its savoury flavour, it is considered to be one of our most popular side dishes that many people never forget to order. With its rich taste, don’t confuse it as your main course because it’s just a starter for the many more flavours you are yet to experience.

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Steamed Black Chicken

This classic black chicken soup is known for their medicinal value since the ancient times. Each hearty bowl of this delicacy contains a bounteous amount of silkie chicken that is full of antioxidants, protein, vitamins B, E, iron, phosphorus, and iron. Definitely one of the tastiest way to boost your health!

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Turtle Internal Part

The Turtle Internal Part soup is served with rich, slightly thick, and fragrant herbal broth. It has a mix of livers, skin, meat, and eggs, which altogether brings a hearty, collagen-filled dish.

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Turtle Egg

Softshell turtle eggs are served either half boiled or cooked. It is flavourful and rich in nutrients. Whether you’re just keen on tasting it for the first time, or a long-time fan of our soup offerings who couldn’t get enough of our turtle eggs, this add-on dish is perfect for you.

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Yam / Plain Rice

Our yam rice is a favourite staple. This one-pot dish is made with taro, making it tasty and healthy all at the same time. It is the type of dish that can be enjoyed by itself, but also great when paired with our savoury soups.

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Vegetable with Fragrance Oil

Our latest addition to our menu is this new enjoyable and healthy side dish of delicious Vegetable with Fragrance Oil! Indulge with overflowing flavours with every bite!

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If you’re still in doubt of our products and services, why don’t you take it from these award-giving bodies? We take pride in these awards for our continuous service and dedication in bringing quality food to your table. You can read more about our world-class achievements here.

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