5 Surprising Facts About Singaporean Food That Everyone Needs To Know

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January 27, 2022

Singapore is known for its rich and tasty cuisine filled with colourful flavours, textures and spices.

The diversity of Singaporean food is breathtaking, and no wonder it’s ranked as a top gastronomy destination across the globe. Singapore is a country known to be clean, organised and highly safe.

Food forms an integral part of the country’s lifestyle, and you must know five surprising facts about Singaporean food before visiting this culinary divine country! The blog will also explore places and help you discover where to eat turtle soup in Singapore.

Singapore Food Specialities Within Hawker Centres

Hawker centres are a striking aspect of the Singaporean culture and lifestyle. The hawker centres are large open-air complexes spotless, offering mouth-watering cheap and local food.

These hawker centres are so unique that every vendor focuses on a single tasty Singaporean dish—every stall as its specialty offerings. You can select from many food options, be it desserts, main courses or appetisers. You are spoiled for choice! The vendors also sell drinks separately, where a separate vendor comes to take your drinks order.

Hawker centres prove to be a food haven for tourists searching for authentic and local Singaporean cuisine. Each centre offers different local specialities, and you get to taste great local Singapore food!

Singaporean Food is Multicultural, Multi-Religious & Multi-Ethnic

Singapore is the most religiously diverse country in the world! With this religious diversity comes the excellent blending of cultures’ religious beliefs that is perfectly reflected in Singapore food.

Singapore is a racially diverse country where you can find traditional dishes from different ethnic groups.

Must Abide By the Rules

The country is highly obedient, disciplined and responsible when abiding by the rules—the surveillance cameras lined up on Singapore streets reflect how important controlling the crime rate is for the nation.

Also, Singapore is stringent when it comes to liquor. The consumption of liquor is prohibited in public places from 10:30 pm to 7:00 am. From July 2022, this rule was extended to all licensed food and beverage premises from 10:30 pm too.
The huge billboards are a constant reminder of the alcohol rules and the legal drinking age of 18.

Singapore also has an impeccable cleanliness law where hefty fines are placed on selling chewing gum, littering and spitting on the sidewalks. No wonder the city is called the “Fine City” with regards to the numerous fines the country imposes.

Singaporean Eating Habits

Regardless of the time of the day, you will always find things to eat in Singapore, with hawker centres buzzing with activities throughout the day.

Let’s take a quick look at the two unique Singaporean eating habits that stood out.


Kleenex packets or tissues are used as an unofficial table reservation system at all hawker centres. This practice is known as Chope-ing.
Singaporean citizens even leave their keys or mobile phones at the table while getting their food. This shows how truly safe the country is!

Bagged Drinks

Instead of carrying drinks in styrofoam cups, they are served in plastic bags accompanied by straws. These bags work perfectly well for cold and hot beverages.

Singapore Wet Markets and Food Stores

The wet markets are usually located near or next to the hawker centres in Singapore. These wet markets are clean and organised, with sections for every item and produce. The food stores are usually located inside malls and are air-conditioned.

Due to hygiene restrictions, mobile markets or corner stalls are located inside buildings or malls. You can also find numerous specialty stores like Singapore bakery-style stores or multiple specialty stores in Chinatown.

High-End Restaurants and International Cuisines

Singapore is also famously known as the leading gastronomic destination. International cuisines are readily available with top gourmet restaurants and multiple high-end restaurants. Singapore has to be the go-to destination for all food lovers and travellers!

Where to buy turtle soup in Singapore?

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