Why Is It Good To Have A Black Chicken Soup When You Have A Cold?

Ser Seng Herbs (Turtle) Restaurant Editor

May 24, 2022

Are you suffering from a cold? Black chicken herbal soup is your perfect companion!

A warm bowl of black chicken soup or even Singapore turtle soup, whichever you prefer, can instantly make you feel warmer, happier, hydrated and better!

These soups contain wholesome ingredients that your body needs to recover from a cold.

In this blog, we’ve listed the primary reasons you need to have a bowl of tasty and hot black chicken soup when you have a cold.

Reasons to have a bowl of tasty and hot black chicken soup when you have a cold.

  • The Aroma Of The Soup

The aroma, spices and heat from the black chicken herbal soup help clear sinuses and improve cold symptoms. Consuming a bowl of hot black chicken soup is more effective than drinking a bowl of hot water. The mucociliary transport system helps move thighs in the upper and lower respiratory tract. This allows the body to get rid of particles and infections.

The mucociliary transport system is essential to eliminate every respiratory infection, including colds. Sipping black chicken soup also helps warm the bottom of your nasal pharynx, further improving cold symptoms.

  • Healthy Calories

When your body suffers from a cold or any sickness, it works overtime to fight off infection, taking energy. We usually don’t feel like eating anything during a cold as we are always exhausted. Black chicken herbal soup is an excellent source of healthy calories and nutrients. The soup is easily digestible and is a nutrient-dense option for people suffering from poor appetite. The soup contains several vitamins and minerals that play an essential role in the immune response. It also contains zinc that helps fight cold when consumed in high amounts. The black chicken in the soup helps to repair body tissue and contains the amino acid cysteine that can again improve common cold symptoms.

  • Gut Feelings

It is essential to keep our digestive systems healthy when we’re sick. This helps our bodies all the infection-fighting vitamins and minerals from the food we consume. Glucosamine, one of the primary building blocks of our digestive system, is found in black chicken herbal soup. Further, as your soup cools down, a layer of gelatin congeals on the surface. This combination of glucosamine and gelatin helps to protect and heal the digestive tract lining.

  • Reduce Symptoms

Black chicken is rich in a compound known as carnosine, and several studies suggest that carnosine helps reduce the stuffy and congested feeling one suffers from in the nose and throat during a cold. Carnosine also minimises inflammation in the upper respiratory tract by stopping the migration of white blood cells. However, this benefit only lasts as long as the soup stays in the body. So ensure to binge on black chicken herbal soup every couple of hours when you have a cold!

  • Anti-Inflammatory Effects

The gelatin, glucosamine and chondroitin that the black chicken contains are released into the broth and absorbed by our bodies. It is used to repair and rebuild our connective tissues and reduce any inflammation. This helps in a quicker recovery.

A bowl of black chicken soup helps you get through the cold and gives your body several nutrients and benefits that make it healthier and stronger to fight the cold.

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