The Variations of Chicken Soup Across the Globe

Ser Seng Herbs (Turtle) Restaurant Editor

October 12, 2022

Black chicken herbal soup has placed on the top spot of almost every foodie’s “Top 10 dishes to try” list! Such is the craze for black chicken soup that restaurants around the globe have created their own takes on chicken soup, which offers new and flavorful ways of enjoying this well-loved classic!

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In this blog, we have listed 5 countries and their take on this classic dish!

1. Iran

Gondi is Iran’s take on chicken soup! This Iranian dish comprises tasty chicken meatballs in broth sprinkled with fresh herbs. Typically, gondi is served in Iranian jew households on Friday night of Shabbat. What makes this turmeric-based soup a favourite is its cardamom-flavoured meatballs. The soup also comprises chickpea flour – a classic ingredient in Iranian households that makes the meatballs extraordinarily tender. The spices offer the soup a unique depth in taste and add warmth.

2. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s take on chicken soup is unique, consisting of flavour combinations not witnessed in other cuisines. This is due to its geographic position at the intersection of different trade routes and cultures. Like chicken curry, Sri Lanka’s chicken soup is an amalgamation of multiple flavours that makes it sweet, sour and heaty. The fresh lime juice adds acidity, blanched by the delicious coconut milk that adds richness without making the chicken soup too heavy. But homegrown spices like cinnamon, cardamom, coriander and cumin add toasty notes and a layer of gentle heat to the soup.

3. Colombia

Ajiaco is a soup-dish common to Columbia, Cuba and Peru. This hearty soup dish comprises different kinds of potatoes – Criolla, sabanera and pastusa; chicken guascas leaves with half an ear of corn gives it the classic Columbian touch. Guascas, also known as potato weed, provides the dish with a slightly bitter taste, whereas the pastusa offers the soup a golden hue and the Criolla a sweet buttery flavour. The dish tastes best when accompanied with a plate of rice and a sliced avocado.

4. Morocco

Chorba, the Arabic word for drink, is Morocco’s take on chicken soup. The dish is named chorba due to the soup’s thin broth texture. Extremely popular across North Africa, the soup is prepared in numerous ways using fish, meat or veggies. Known for its simplicity, this dish is a must-have during Ramadan and is usually prepared when families break their fast

5. The Philippines 

Tinola, the Filipino version of chicken soup, is a warm and flavourful dish that can remind you of your grandmother’s warm hugs. The soup comprises classic Filipino ingredients such as green papaya and vitamin-rich moringa (malunggay) leaves from the drumstick tree. Pair the soup with a side of jasmine rice for a flavourful meal!

The Chinese black chicken soup is our take on classic chicken soup. This healthy and delicious street is a must-have when visiting Singapore.

So if you wish to relish delicious black chicken soup, Ser Seng Herbs Turtle Restaurant is the place you must visit in Singapore!

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