How to stay safe while dining out in Singapore

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August 18, 2020

There have been mixed feedback and opinions from both customers and serving staff about the safety of dining out in Singapore, but that is a step towards reopening Singapore in Phase 2 during this Covid-19 pandemic. With the virus still spreading, many are still cautious of the idea of dining out. Despite the situation, there are still ways to keep yourself as safe as possible while enjoying a meal with your family and friends in a restaurant.

Here are 6 factors you must consider before dining out:

Ask questions before heading out

Call the restaurant or café you have in mind and request for the table and seats availability at your specific time slot. It is advisable to do that before making your way down to the dining place, as you will be able to avoid the crowd, queuing and minimise contact with everyone outside.

Look around upon arrival

Upon arrival at the dining place, observe the environment. Are people wearing the face masks like they are supposed to do when queuing or waiting for their food at their tables? How are the protective measures set up in the dining place? There are restaurants that have plexiglass shields set up at the cashier and on tables for safe social distancing between patrons.

Consider the outdoor tables

If there is an option for outdoor seating, do consider that. Even though social distancing measures are implemented indoors with at least 1m spacing between tables or groups, if the indoor seating area still feels stuffed and full, the ventilation of the space will not be as effective as it is when everyone has their masks down to eat and interact.

The effective rate of ventilation per person can be increased by limiting the number of people present in the indoor space. This will help reduce risks from the virus that causes Covid-19 and minimise indirect contact between everyone.

Put on your face mask

It is compulsory to wear a mask when stepping out of the house and individuals who are caught refusing to wear a mask will be fined $300 on their first offence. When arriving at the restaurant or café, please have your mask on and throughout the time at the table and after ordering. Only remove your mask when the food has arrived and put it back on after finishing your meal.

Distance yourself from people

Keep at least 1m apart from the people dining around you. At some restaurants, you are able to sit together or across each other, but no more than five at one table. There are some restaurants who will require you to sit separately at one table each. When queuing up to order your food or pay the bill, follow the stickers on the floor or keep a distance from the person in front of you.

Be careful on shared surfaces

Tables, chairs, surfaces of highly-interacted objects such as bill presenters, cash and cards are all shared surfaces which are touched by many people like yourself and the restaurant staff. Remember to wash or wipe your hands before and after eating. If you have leaned your arms and elbows on the table, wash them once you reach home.

We prioritize the safety of our customers and we pride in our hygiene practices. Our tables are regularly wiped between each customer and there are seats marked out for social distancing. We also understand if you are still uncomfortable dining out, we provide home delivery and you can also call us in advance to pick up.

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