How to get Warm Turtle Soup Delivered to Your Doorstep

Ser Seng Turtle Soup

September 1, 2020

Food is always part of every culture and nobody can deny it. However, the success of every restaurant does not rely heavily on food alone. It can be based on service and cleanliness. There is no doubt that the service industry was affected by the current health crisis anywhere in the world. But, there is hope to continuously grow since customers started ordering food online. With the advent of our technology today, countless people can start looking for their favourite dishes and order online with ease.

How to Order

The good news is that Ser Seng’s website has a user-friendly interface that can guide you through your need for turtle soup delivery in Singapore. Once the site has been visited, users immediately see the homepage where it shows what the company does. Basically, an overview of the business has been presented there. When navigating the site, customers can see contact details on top such as phone number and email address. Next to all that information, they can choose to click on Delivery & PickUp which will take them to the online order menu where all the items are displayed.

To simply put everything into easy-to-follow steps:

  • Visit our website.
  • Navigate to Delivery & Pick Up menu
  • Select the ones you like from our signature dishes
  • Place your order and that’s it!
  • Receive your order at your doorstep

Please keep in mind that restricted locations do exist so we encourage you to check the information on our website from time to time for more updates. In the meantime, we do not deliver food to army camps and airport cargo terminals.

At Ser Seng Food Delivery Service, we have various types of soup for people with different preferences. The price ranges from $10-$15. Prices of drinks may also vary. Ser Seng has steam turtle soup, steam black chicken soup and pepper tripe soup. Take note that these are under the category of specialty soup even when users go to the navigation menu. Users can easily click on add to select the desired item then they can pick their dining experience.

Asian restaurants always have a wide variety of choices and Ser Seng is not an exemption. Vegetables and rice are also a great combination. On top of all that, there is a steam turtle soup being served which can be an appetizer. All these you can get at reasonable prices. With rice and vegetables, a customer can spend between 0.80 cents to $5. Customers can expect fresh food, faster turnaround time and higher response rate. We ensure that every query is being answered in a professional manner. Making our customers feel delighted is in our DNA.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right food delivery service can be a tedious task for someone who is very particular with good food and service at the same time. We can imagine going back to the time when there was no internet at all. Well, life can be difficult during that time. Ser Seng’s passion to serve customers despite restrictions is impressive. Using technology to serve can reach more and more customers and it can be limitless.

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