What Are Some Different Ways to Enjoy Claypot Turtle Soup in Singapore?

Ser Seng Herbs (Turtle) Restaurant Editor

November 23, 2023

Like any other soup in Chinese cuisine, turtle soup can be enjoyed in many different ways. Typically, you would expect to take small sips of the soup to thoroughly enjoy the burst of flavours with each spoonful. However, just like how mushrooms are paired with garlic bread or sushi is always paired with sashimi, turtle soup from Singapore can be paired with various dishes. It is highly recommended to relish it with accompanying side dishes. Let’s explore how you can enjoy turtle soup better.

Why Should Claypot Turtle Soup Be Paired with Other Dishes?

Unlike Western meals, where soup is usually served as an appetiser, Chinese diners might enjoy soup anytime. Soup can be placed on the table and sipped intermittently between bites of other dishes, or it may be combined with rice to enhance the flavours of your meal.

Many believe that Chinese traditional soups carry medicinal values that can be incorporated into a simple meal. Hence, having soups as a side dish while eating can be equated to having a nutrient booster. This belief has carried the popularity of traditional herbal soups until now, and modern people enjoy the flexibility of consuming the soup alongside their everyday meals.

How to Enjoy Traditional Chinese Claypot Turtle Soup? 

The most basic of side dishes is rice. You can pair turtle soup with many types of rice, such as plain rice, yam rice, pumpkin rice, and more. Any rice you have will do, and each type has its flair. It’s all a matter of experimentation!

With Plain Rice

The simplicity of plain rice offers an opportunity to let the flavours of turtle soup shine through, allowing you to fully taste the essence of the soup on your tongue. 

With Flavoured Rice

On the other hand, yam rice or pumpkin rice have flavours that can be added to the turtle soup. Combining the fragrant rice and the flavourful broth creates a harmonious blend of tastes. The rice’s soft, fluffy texture complements the soup’s richness, making each spoonful a delight for the palate. It will make for an interesting change if you’re looking for new ways to enjoy turtle soup in Singapore.

Plain Rice vs Flavoured Rice: Which is Better?

When enjoying turtle soups, choosing plain rice and flavoured rice is a personal preference. Some prefer the simplicity of plain rice, allowing the flavours of the soup to take the spotlight. Others enjoy the added flavour that flavoured rice brings to the meal. Ultimately, it all depends on your taste buds.

Pairing Turtle Soup with Other Signature Dishes

If you want to make a complete meal from your turtle soup in Singapore experience, you can also consider pairing it with other signature dishes. Char siew (barbecued pork), stir-fried vegetables, and salted egg prawns are just a few options that go well with the robust flavours of Singapore’s turtle soup.

Whether you’re cooking turtle soup at home or going out to enjoy a bowl at a restaurant, remember to get accompanying dishes to elevate your experience!

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