The White vs. Dark Chicken Meat: What’s the Difference?

Ser Seng Herbs (Turtle) Restaurant Editor

April 15, 2021

Chicken has long been celebrated as a health food favourite, hailed as an inexpensive lean protein rich in essential vitamins and minerals, as well as its unrivalled ability to mix with virtually every taste and seasoning you can think of. However, you might have been recommended to stop black meat chicken for health purposes at any stage in the way. Maybe you’ll never really understand why it’s so bad.

What is White Meat Chicken?

In simple terms, white meat can be described as the wings section of the chicken. Tenderloin meat is part of the breast thus also referred to as white meat. When cooked without seasoning, this protein cut is extremely lean and has a distinct light white tint.

What is Dark Meat Chicken?

The thighs and drumsticks of the bird’s wings consisted of dark meat. Since chickens stand much of the time and use their legs often, meat cuts have the largest myoglobin concentration, rendering them in pigment best black chicken soup.

What Is the Difference Between White Meat and Dark Meat?

  • When it comes to chickens, white meat refers to muscles that produce more white fibers, and dark meat refers to muscles that contain more red fibers. White meat, such as breasts and legs, comprises around 10% red fibers. This portion of the chicken is lean and mild in taste, and if overcooked, it dries out easily.
  • Black meat chicken contains about 50% red fibers and is contained in chicken legs; it is more moist and juicy, and it can be grilled for a longer period.
  • Light meat has fewer calories than dark meat, which has more fat—nearly three extra grams of fat per 100 grams of meat, according to the USDA Nutrient Database—and more than twice the amount of saturated fat.
  • White meat has somewhat more protein than dark meat. Although dark meat contains more zinc, iron, and vitamin C, white meat contains more vitamins B, especially niacin vitamin B-3 and pyridoxine vitamin B-6 (vitamin B-6.
  • The color of your meat, light or dark, is not the only factor in chicken taste and cooking time: if you leave the skin on, you’ll add fat and flavor. Cooking time is often slowed by the involvement of bones.

Dark Meat vs. White Meat: Which One is better?

Let us compare the possible advantages of these two forms of poultry.


The differences based on breakdown when comparing these types of meat can be amazing. Although black meat seems to have more fat content, it is still a comparatively lean source of nutrients, making it the best black chicken soup in Singapore. Furthermore, dark meat contains more iron and zinc than white meat.


Many people like dark meat because of the higher fat content because of its tenderness and juicy effect. On the other hand, white meat has a milder taste; it is more susceptible to drying out during cooking. On the other hand, dark meat is easier to cook in whichever form either, baking or roasting without losing flavor. If you like richer-tasting ingredients, black chicken soup is a sure winner for you! White meat could be the best choice if you choose plain, lean alternatives.

Easy Chicken Meal Prep

If you need ways to incorporate more chicken into your diet, and then try precooking, it adds a nutritious protein boost when reducing preparation time for your weekly meal prep. 

Best Methods for Cooking

For white meat, which appears to dry out, broiling, sautéing, stir-frying, grilling, and other fast methods are best. Check the white meat often and cook until it is just done—the meat should be perfectly white, not pink.

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