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April 30, 2021

Everyone wishes to be healthy, happy and glowing today. We want our bodies to be fit enough, strong enough and immune sufficient to fight all diseases.

What makes our body highly immune and healthy? Simple: Food

Rich & Nutritious food is what sails us through life.

Eating healthy does not mean you give up on delicious delicacies and stick to diet food throughout your life. Eating healthy is all about making conscious food choices. Choosing foods that are healthy, delicious and productive for your body.

Chicken is a potent source of protein and is a must to eat when following a healthy balanced diet.

Why stick to regular chicken when you can eat a tastier and healthier version of chicken, that is the Black chicken!

Black Chicken is a rare chicken type that offers succulent, nutrient-filled and tasty Meat.

A Handful of people know the benefits of consuming black chicken meat in their daily diets. 

Let’s discover more about Black Chicken and its benefits through this blog.

What Is Black Chicken?

Black Chicken is one of the most intensely pigmented creatures on this planet! It is entirely black! Be it the chicken’s feathers, beak, tongue, toes or even bones, they are all either black or a striking blueish black.

Black Chickens are usually found in Asian countries and are a true Asian delicacy!

This Meat is rarely found in grocery stores and is also extremely expensive.

What Does A Black Chicken Taste Like?

Better Than Regular Chicken!

Black chicken meat proves to be more savory as compared to regular chicken meat. The black chicken meat has a soft texture compared to regular chicken meat and is also softer, tender, east-to-chew with an aromatic fragrance than the regular chicken meat.

Apart from its health benefits like being a great source of antioxidants and having high medicinal value, black chicken is a tastier, delicious and richer Meat, that everyone must try once in their lifetime!

Black Chicken Vs Regular Chicken: The Best Option For You

Black Chicken will always win over Regular chicken owing to its vast benefits.

  • For instance, black chicken entails twice as many antioxidants as compared to regular white Meat. Antioxidants boost your health, improve your immunity, prevent sickness and common colds and improve your eyesight.
  • Black chicken meat Offers a higher protein level than regular Meat, promoting the building of body tissues and stabilizing blood sugar levels.
  • A rich source of fertility. Black chicken source proves to be highly beneficial for nourishing and increasing female fertility and is an ideal food source that offers high nourishment for pregnant women. Black chicken meat also has high medicinal values and often helps fight health problems for the elderly.
  • Black chicken meat contains all necessary irons, minerals and vitamins like B1, B2, B6 And B12, which promote body metabolism and helps in the production of cellular energy within the body. They also promote heart health, thereby reducing the chances of heart attacks or strokes.
  • Black chicken meat is sweeter than regular chicken meat and offers an exotic taste compared to regular chicken meat.
  • Black chicken meat has the edge over regular chicken meat owing to its exotic cooking methods. It can be brewed for herbal tonic or soups for alleviating ailments like fatigue, osteoporosis, iron deficiency, anemia and hair loss. regular chicken meat does not have such high medicinal values.
  • Black chicken meat also offers lower calories as compared to regular chicken meat. Black Chicken offers 2-gram calories per 100g of Meat than regular chicken that offers almost 8g calories per 100g of Meat.

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