7 Reasons Why Should Include Meat In Your Balanced diet

Ser Seng Herbs (Turtle) Restaurant Editor

June 26, 2021

The relation between meat-eating and good health is multifaceted. Meat makes up a significant amount of a regular diet in many regions of the world. It provides protein, minerals, vitamins, and fat, all of which are essential components for your health. 

The famous turtle soup in Singapore is delicious, from its eggs to its flesh and skin; they provide various health benefits.

The great flavour should not be the sole determinant of your nutritional decisions. Here are seven reasons why we should include meat in a well-balanced diet.

  • Natural & Complete Source of Protein

Meat protein is a “complete” source of protein since it contains all of the required amino acids. In addition, complete proteins are found in animals naturally, so no protein powder is needed.

Your body gets a pool of amino acids from the protein you eat every day. Protein molecules are made up of amino acids, which are the building components. These amino acids are used by your cells to generate new proteins as needed, such as to grow muscular tissue, manufacture antibodies, or replenish red blood cells. Your body can produce 11 of the 20 amino acids found in proteins.

To avoid a protein deficiency, the remaining nine amino acids, known as essential amino acids, must be provided in your diet through the meat (for example, turtle soup). Turtle soup is a high-protein item that contains all of the essential amino acids required for healthy health.

  • Rich in Iron

Heme iron is only present in meat, and it helps prevent anaemia because the body absorbs it better than non-heme iron found in plant foods like vegetables. 

Meat is a rich source of iron because it helps transfer oxygen to and through your tissues; it provides:

  1. Phosphorus, which helps keep your bones healthy.
  2. Sulphur, which may absorb new amino acids.
  3. Chromium, which aids in the metabolism of dietary carbohydrates.
  • Vitamins, Especially B-12

You can get a lot of B vitamins from the meat you eat. Thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, and biotin all aid in extracting energy from the foods you eat daily. Vitamin B-6 is essential for the health of your brain and circulatory systems, as well as protein production and metabolism. This vitamin also aids in the absorption of vitamin B-12, which is necessary for circulatory and nerve function and energy production. Because, unlike the other B vitamins, not any plant-based meals contains B-12, meat is a highly significant source of it, and the best you will get is in turtle soup.

  • Fats, Including Unhealthy Fat

Although you only need a small amount of fat in your diet to stay healthy, the saturated fats in meat can harm your health. For example, saturated fat consumption increases your risk of atherosclerosis, a condition in which plaque deposits accumulate on the inside walls of your arteries, which can lead to heart disease.

Too much dietary fat, such as from fatty cuts of meat, can lead to fat accumulation in and around your organs, leading to organ damage. Obesity and diabetes can both become worse by a high-fat diet. By choosing lean cuts of meat like turtle soups and cutting off excess fat, you can reduce the adverse effects of heart while still reaping the nutritional benefits.

  • Carbohydrates

Animal-derived meals have a low carbohydrate content, whereas plant-based foods have a high carbohydrate content. The only carbohydrate found naturally in muscle is glycogen, which is immediately decreased after butchering. Sucrose or glucose are added to various cured meats during the manufacturing process.

  • Weight control/obesity

Diets high in protein, such as those containing lean meat and poultry, have been demonstrated to stimulate weight loss over longer periods than other diets. Turtle meat includes a lot of protein but very little fat, making it ideal for weight management.

  • Muscle strength and maintenance

A health consequence of the normal ageing process that is not recognised is the influence of the steady loss of skeletal muscle mass, known as sarcopenia. Sarcopenia is the loss of muscle mass and related muscle weakening that occurs as people age and are thought to progress at about 1% each year. You may prevent age-related muscle loss by consuming nutrient-dense protein from meat, such as the best turtle soups in Singapore, which has a bundle of proteins including iron, zinc, and B-12.

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