7 Drawbacks Effects of Having Backyard Chickens

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August 5, 2022

Black chicken herbal soup is a delicious meal filled with various healthy nutrients. People recommend raising chickens as it can be the perfect way of making this delicacy whenever you like. Apart from being delicious, chickens also offer benefits like giving us fresh eggs. Some people love raising chickens in their backyards as they can always count on fresh eggs!

However, there are several things you might have to reconsider before buying your first hen.

What are the disadvantages of having backyard chickens?

1. Backyard Chickens Require Lots of Space

Every chicken requires a minimum of four square feet of space inside the coop and at least eight square feet in the run. The vast area ensures that they can run and move freely without being harassed or pecked at by the dominant members of the flock. Natural light and air are also essential for chickens, and having an open area equal to or more significant than their coop is vital to keep them happy.

2. They Cost a Lot

Maintaining chickens in your backyard comes with a price, and it’s a hefty one! Apart from buying them, you also need to buy other products to help maintain them. This includes the chicken coop that comes in various sizes & styles, and you can pick a pen that matches your budget requirements. Other items include chicken feed, fodder, nesting boxes, treats, a fount, and a roost. Every backyard chicken keeper must have these essential supplies on their list.

3. Chickens Are Loud

Chickens are known for their loud noises, especially roosters who crow at dawn and even all day long. Be prepared to be woken up early by the roosters in your backyard daily! Hens love singing the “egg song” every time they lay an egg, with the whole flock singing along. You and your family might enjoy this “chicken song”; however, it might be irritating for your neighbours. Although some will have no problems with your backyard chickens (perhaps with free eggs), many can still complain about the loud noises.

4. Chickens Require Plenty of Time Investment

Chickens are time and energy-consuming animals that need you to run around all day! You will have to care for them every morning, provide food and water, and let them out of the coops to run and check for eggs. You’ll also need to maintain the chicken coops by cleaning them weekly and checking your birds for any wounds and insects. Although chickens are known to be simple animals, their care can become time-consuming.

5. Poop, Poop and Lots of Poop!

A known fact: chickens poop a lot! Cleaning up daily is ideal since poop built up in the coop over a few days is difficult to clean. You must ensure that the waste gets disposed of properly; otherwise, chicken poop can cause serious health issues for you and your family. An ideal way of disposing of chicken poop is to create compost where you can deposit the poop for an extended period. Avoid putting chicken manure directly on your plants as it can kill them.

6. Pest Issues

Chickens get ticks, lice, mites and even worms. You must be prepared to treat all kinds of pests that your chickens might get infected with. Dust bathe your chickens regularly, clean their coops and do everything possible to reduce the flies.

7. Human-Animal Attachments

Hens can live to about eight years and what makes these animals unique is that every chicken has its distinct personality. So you can easily get attached to all your backyard chickens. Attachments can cause a lot of sadness post your chicken’s passing; it can be overwhelming if your kids are bonded to them.


The side effects discussed above can help you be more decisive about whether to have backyard chickens or not. It’s a big decision that requires some serious thinking.

Raising chickens can be very troublesome. Why not save the hassle and enjoy a tasty bowl of black chicken soup singapore at Ser Seng (Herbs) Turtle Restaurant instead?

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