11 Fine-Dining Etiquette Rules to Follow

Ser Seng Herbs (Turtle) Restaurant Editor

October 12, 2022

Knowing and following fine-dining etiquette is an excellent quality and ability to possess nowadays – especially when good dining etiquette rules are somewhat forgotten in the modern and fast-paced world. There are easy rules you must familiarise yourselves with as they are applicable on multiple occasions like weddings, formal family dinners, business dinners, and more.

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You’ll be surprised to know how many etiquette rules you have broken or continue to break throughout the years!

Ser Seng turtle soup, known for its famous turtle soup in Singapore, brings you 10 fine-dining restaurant rules to follow. You must remember and follow these etiquettes when visiting the best herbal turtle soup Singapore restaurant or any other restaurant in Singapore.

Avoid Completely Lifting the Menu Off the Table

Formal etiquette states that the menu must always touch the table at least in one place. Avoid pulling the menu too close to your eyes, and always ensure that when you read it, at least one side touches your table.

1. Keep Your Bread on Your Plate Always, Unless You Are Eating It

Another golden rule of acceptable dining etiquette: Break only the piece of bread you wish to eat, butter only that piece and finally bring it in your mouth and relish it! Always apply the butter while the bread is on the plate, and avoid using butter for the entire slice at once. This rule also applies to muffins, bagels, biscuits, and all bread-like products.

2. Avoid Clinking the Glassware Even for Pictures

Everyone loves clinking their glassware when posting pictures on the gram. However, this is against the rule of fine-dining etiquette. Clinking your glasses can damage the glasses, especially if they are fine glassware. Also, according to the formal dining rules, avoiding making too much noise is always better.

3. Ask for a Knife Instead of an Oyster Fork

When your oyster dish comes to your table without a fork, understand that the dish can be eaten without a fork. However, if the bits are still attached to the shell, always use a knife to loosen them. After consuming the oysters, turn the discarded shell over the plate. This signals that you are done.

4. Always Keep the Rim of Your Plates Squeaky Clean

Keeping the rim of your plates clean is a sign of respect toward the service staff who, while clearing the plates, grab the edge of the plates.

5. Excuse Yourself Instead of Saying You Are Going to the Restroom

Avoiding saying you need to use the restroom. Instead, just excuse yourself from the table without stating your reason.

6. Use the Same Glass Throughout the Evening

Follow this acceptable dining etiquette to avoid forming a lip ring on other glasses that can come from your lipstick or natural oils. Always hold the glass at the stem to avoid any fingerprints on the glass, and put the glass back in the same place where you picked it up.

7. Place Discarded Food on the Upper Left Side of Your Plate

The upper left area of your plate is always reserved for placing all discarded food like fish bones or lemon rinds. The bottom right of your plate is meant to place sauces and butter.

8. Avoid Calling Out to the Waiter

Make eye contact with the waiter or silently signal whenever you require their services. Raise your hand in their direction if you cannot capture their attention.

9. Keep One Small Bite on Your Plate Always

Keeping a small bite on your plate denotes that you have thoroughly enjoyed your meal. Clearing your plate indicates that you were famished, still hungry, or the host could not serve you enough food.

Reading this blog is bound to make you think of visiting a restaurant to try these etiquettes and eating some delicious food.

Visit Ser Seng Turtle Soup to enjoy today’s famous turtle soup in Singapore!

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